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During the epidemic isolation period, home fitness is the best prevention

"Reduce going out and self-isolation" is an effective measure to avoid infection of the COVID-19. Some gyms have closed their shops to prevent the spread of the virus in gyms. Accordingly, more users are opting for Workout home exercise to maintain their physical functions.During the quarantine, the best way to stay at home is to exercise with the beautiful Activewear Leggings.It may be safer to consider low to moderate intensity, volume and frequency as a model for home fitness practices based on health priorities.

     For example, the cycle training mode can take the form of exercise and rest time 1:1, choose 4-5 movements, to develop cardiovascular function as the main purpose. Exercise frequency is mainly moderate intensity, not more than 80% of the maximum heart rate, cycle 2-3 groups, more suitable for healthy adults.

    In addition, LISS low-intensity steady-state exercise, which is "opposite" to HIIT high-intensity intervals, may also be the best home exercise program at present. You need to work out for 30 to 45 minutes at 50 to 65% of your maximum heart rate.

     In the movement choice, there are bobby jump, Russian twist, weight squat and other unarmed sports, also can use bicycle, treadmill and other aerobic equipment.

BOBBY JUMPBurpee 波比跳


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Weight of the squat


   In addition to energy dissipation exercises, core control and range of motion can be further practiced to make up for fitness shortcomings.

     Secondly, to strengthen the range of motion of joints, is to make the movement "flexible, controllable", not only lies in the limbs "soft, stretch".

    A single muscle and myofascial extension exercise can not provide stable support of "squatting and jumping", but in addition to extension, support "push, pull, smooth force" coordination, which determines that catching a bus will not fall, and moving express will not lumbar sprain.

    Vigorground, an American fitness studio, shares 33 total range of motion (MOTION) exercises.Finally, motor recovery remains an integral part.


    For muscle tissue recovery, foam axis, fascial ball, fascial gun can be used to eliminate trigger points, and soft tissue tension, but should avoid neurovascular, and bony prominences.


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筋膜枪 massage gun home workout wear


    In addition, it is recommended to sleep for 7-8 hours, wear professional workout wear clothes, and supplement beef, chicken, peanuts and other nutrients rich in glutamine to maintain the body's immunity.




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