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7 ways to source cool gym clothes

1. Wholesale market stocking   

This is the most common purchase channel, if your small store is operating female sportswear, then you can go to some large clothing wholesale markets around to buy, in the wholesale market purchase needs to have strong bargaining power, strive to minimize the wholesale price, and at the same time establish a good relationship with wholesalers.

2. Search online    

For example, search for "sustainable gym wear" directly on Google and you'll find plenty of wholesale clothing suppliers who can email and call to communicate your needs. In communication, you can judge the other party's service attitude, understanding ability and ability to realize your design.

3. Join social media group chats  

Join the Facebook group, you can find a lot of clothing business sales and other aspects of people, novices can see more in it, post more consultation, will take a lot less detours.

4.Local custom activewear manufacturers purchase

Manufacturer purchase is also a common channel, go to the manufacturer to purchase, you can get a lower purchase price, but a purchase amount will usually be relatively high, increasing business risks. To run an online store, it is best to know friends who work in the manufacturer, or work directly in the manufacturer, so that there is no problem with the purchase.

5.Pay attention to foreign trade products or OEM products 

At present, many task factories will have some surplus products outside the foreign trade order or OEM production for some well-known brands, and the price is usually very low, usually 2-4 discounts of the normal price, which is a good purchase channel.

6.Buy inventory overstock or clearance processing products  

Because of the rush to deal with it, the price of such goods is usually extremely low, if you have enough bargaining power, you can eat it at a very low price, but turn to online sales, take advantage of online sales, and use the geographical or space-time price difference to obtain enough profits. Therefore, you should often go around the market and pay close attention to market changes.

7. Look for special purchase channels  

For example, if you have relatives or friends in China or Vietnam, they can help you get into some popular workout clothes that are not available in the domestic market or some lower-priced goods. If you are in a place like Shenzhen or Zhuhai, you can even contact the factory yourself, and then buy a ticket to check the situation of the factory.

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